June 14, 2021
June 14, 2021


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Character of Tilting  Washer Extractor
A Our Durable Washer Extractor is With Programmable operation panel and with function of  Tilting that the operator is able to unload the washed fabric Automatic

B Our Durble Washer Extracotr is  With stainless Steel ss304  Washing Drum   and chamber house SS304  ,and also with all stainless steel outer sheel

C Our Durable Washer Extractor has   Pnuematic Interlock System  to ensure the operators  safety

D Our Durble Washing machine is   With Cold Water Port ,hot water port and steam port

E Our Durbale Washing Machine is  With two Water Exhaust Port

F Our  Washer Extractors  shock absorbing system  is made of damper and strong springs ,which will efficiently reduce the shocking during washing

G Branded invert will control the frequency motor to rate in different speed while washing extracting and it will also help to reduce the current of the washer extractor 

H The washer extractor is with Pnuematic controlled system to do water adding ,steam adding and water exhausting

F Standard offer is with 3 chemical cups, but we are able to increase into 5 cups if you want to pay extra the chemical cups

rake-type washing and drying machine

1. This machine uses a large LCD screen Chinese (English) computer for full control, and realizes man-machine dialogue in the form of Chinese display. It has the characteristics of simple structure, accuracy, and stable and reliable performance;
2. The whole machine is made of high-quality stainless steel, and the inner tank is made of high-quality 304 mirror stainless steel , which has high smoothness, corrosion resistance, and does not pollute the washed fabric;
3. 3. The frequency conversion speed regulation system equipped with the famous brand frequency converter, the speed regulation is smooth and even, with small starting current, low energy consumption and stable operation;
4. Fully suspended ultra-low vibration structure, and equipped with a damping buffer system, so that the shock absorption rate of the whole machine is as high as 97%, and it can be installed on the floor.No special requirements for the foundation;
5. This machine integrates multiple display, alarm, and detection functions, and a frame structure, which is convenient for daily monitoring and maintenance;
6.Using large-diameter fitted clothes door, with safety locks and a control linkage , is safe and reliable; large diameter pipes, which can effectively reduce non-productive time and improve work efficiency;
7. The machine has automatic water, dosing, automatic heating and other functions, steam, hot water and heating may be used, and can be customized for electric heating, eliminating worry-free source of steam;
8. The bearing seat adopts a front and rear split design , and is equipped with an isolation leakage device to protect the bearing, increase the service life, and facilitate maintenance;
9. Adopt a fully enclosed electric box structure , dustproof, waterproof, and good heat dissipation, ensuring more stable operation of the equipment , Reliable;
10. The machine has the advantages of high washing degree, high dehydration rate, low energy consumption, low labor intensity, high efficiency, and low wear on fabrics.

Model Model XGQ-120F
容量Rated Capacity 120kg
Inner cylinder size Washing Drum 1300mm*885mm
Motor power 11kw 1440r/min
Washed speed Washing speed 38r/min
Dehydration speed Extracting speed 48r / min-650r / min
Feeding cups Chemical cup 1/2  *5   double control
Steam inlet   stem pipe 3/4
Drain  water exhaust 150mm *2
Power consumption Power consumption 8kwh/cycle
Steam consumption Steam consumption < =160kg/cycle
Water consumption Water consumption < =25L/kg/cycle
Dimensions Overall dimension (L * W * H ) 1950mm*2200mm*2170mm