June 14, 2021
June 14, 2021



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Brand Name :
Drying Machine : Fast Speed Drying Machine
Drying Machine : Towel Drying Machine
Drying Machine : Clothes Drying Machine

HGQ Desktop Fast Dryer Series: This model is manufactured by our company. It adopts U-shaped air duct, double fans, upper exhaust, and the drying time is short. Itcan dry one machine in 30 minutes, which is the same as the ordinary vertical type. Compared with the dryer, the working time is shortened by15-20 minutes, the working efficiency is high, and the energy saving is obvious. Since the listing, it has been favored by customers. The machine is a desktop structure, through the top radiator, the top exhaust fan, the heat is evenly dissipated to the inside of the box, the hot air runs in a U shape, the heat energy is absorbed, and the heat efficiency is high. The drum rotates forward and backward to make the fabric evenly heated , Moisture is discharged out of the machine (with a special cooling air structure) to achieve the drying effect. This type of Tumbler Dryer is fast type tumbler dryer, that its working cycle is only about 30 minutes to dry towel which is about 15 minutes to 20 minutes less than other type of dryer, for this reason more and more clients prefer this fast type tumbler dryer

This Type of tumbler dryer has U shape exhaust pipe   ,with two exhaust fans  located on the top of the machine ,meanwhile it will exhaust hot air from the top  ,in this process the hot air will recycling inside the fast type tumbler dryer equally ,which will benefit the tumbling fabric inside  the fast type tumbler dryer
This machine has function of cooling that blow cool air into the machine
Character :
A Stainless steel ss304  drying drum
B Stainless steel ss304  heat radiator
C With big door to do loading and unloading
D With Durable structure
E With fast drying speed that 30 minutes for towel and 20 minutes for towels
F With U shape exhaust pipe to exhaust hot air from the top
G With cooling function

Model   Model HGQ120 (Fast Type )
容量 Rated Capacity (kgs) 120
Inner cylinder dimensions  Drum Size (mm) Φ1470 * 1160
Speed  Rotation (r / min) 28
Heating  Heating Steam Heated
Motor Power  Motor Power (kw) 3
Fan  Fan Power (kw) 2.2kw*2
Dimensions  Overall Dimension (mm) 1640mm*1780mm* 2280
Weight  Weight (kgs) 1100