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Taizhou Haifeng Machinery Manufacturing Co., Limited is a rising brand for the hydro washer extractor machine. Our state-of-the-art technology and skilled labor make each unit top class and user-friendly. We are based in Jiangsu, China, and catering to a large client base inside and outside China.

Every high-tech industrial washer extractor aids in the reduction of loading and unloading time for both conventional and hydro extractor machines. Our sophisticated equipment, which is available in a variety of specifications, is known for its long operational life and flawless performance. Because of their compact structure, they are simple to install and convenient to use.

Why Choose Us

Hydro Extractor Machine

Our Salient Features

Irresistible features of our hydro extractor machine are the primary reason we are growing rapidly in the industry. Our features include:

  • excellent performance,
  • low maintenance,
  • simple design
  • affordable power consumption

Product Expertise

We are competing with the best washer extractor machine suppliers primarily due to our product expertise. We always head on the individuals who know inside out of the product. We also recruit staff who are well-versed in hydro extractor machines. Overall our knowledge about our offerings is unparalleled.

Innovative Technology

We believe in technology. We strongly feel that technology is the future and therefore our hydro extractor machine and other products have something that denotes upcoming future technology.

We are innovation believers. With resources and experience, we feel that innovative features in our industrial washer extractor and other laundry machines can take us to places.

What Sets us Apart

Industrial Washer Extractor

 Market Competitive Price

Through us, many small-scale hydro extractor machine wholesalers turn out as million-dollar companies and the reason behind this was our competitive pricing. We know we have to offer affordable prices so that clients can further offer them at normal prices.

Balancing Between Quality and Price

We always believe we have to strike balance between quality and price. We just cannot overcharge our clients just in the name of quality. This is one of the reasons we have established our name as a quality industrial washer extractor manufacturer.

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