Steam Press Iron

Top Quality Steam Press Iron Supplier and Manufacturer

If you are a wholesaler of steam press iron and are finding the right manufacturer of the same, then you have reached the right place. Taizhou Haifeng Machinery Manufacturing Co., Limited is a leading brand for steam irons. Our unparalleled quality and lasting raw materials make us one of the best Chinese brands.

Why Choose Us

Superior Satisfaction —

When you select a steam fast product, you are investing in superior performance and design that will provide complete satisfaction. If not, we will replace it for a period of two years. Supported by a client service team based in Jiangsu.

Quick Heat Up Time —

A normal 10-ounce easy-fill water tank takes 3 minutes to heat up. Here, our steam press shuts off automatically and alerts its user if left idle for long periods. What else do you want!

Multiple Fabric Settings —

Our machine has digital controls along with 5 fabric settings (silk, wool, nylon, linen cotton,). We offer two steam burst buttons that the user can find on the handle, which produces a powerful burst of steam

Equipped For The Job —

We offer our steam press iron with accessories that include a pressing cushion, spray bottle, and measuring cup to support the pressing process

Sanitize With Steam—

Steam sanitizes by removing germs and bacteria when used properly.

What Sets us Apart

Our Diverse Knowledge

Each of our products including steam press iron is prepared by top-notch professionals. Our engineers have diversified knowledge and experience which helps us in growing technically and commercially.

Lasting Relationship

We try our best to retain our clients through dedicated support services and guidance. WE make sure we help out our customers even if they have bought our products. Our customer care always results in higher conversion and long business relationships.

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