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Source Best Quality Chinese Spin Dryer Machine From Us

In search of a quality spin dryer machine supplier? If yes, then stop opening tabs for company websites or certain B2B portals as you have hit the bull’s eye. Taizhou Haifeng Machinery Manufacturing Co., Limited offers quality dryers and laundry machines.

We are based in Jiangsu and receive inquiries and orders of spin dryers. We have the mojo to attract and retain our customers and make our clientele long.

Why Choose Our Spin Dryer Machine

Ease of Use:

We offer 3 buttons for controlling the washer timer for up to 15 minutes. The dryer has a spin cycle timer as well for up to 5 minutes per load. Drainage pipe works like magic because water draining becomes easier and quicker.

Optimum performance:

Our spin dryer machine contains a powerful motor along with 60Hz frequency (max) and up to 8 pounds of clothing for the washer

Save Energy and Keep Design Clean:

The machine has a very quiet and clean plastic body. By using it you can lower your power consumption and ultimately save a lot of energy.

Save Space and Get Portability:

Our spin dryer machine is an ideal commodity for your users living in dorms, apartments, RV, or are in a boat, or in traveling.

Total space saver!

You can match our product with other spin dryer machines available in the market.

Considerable Design:

Our dryer machine has an automatic rinse cycle for erasing soap and leaving your clothes clean plus free of irritants and dirt.

The machine is useful for anyone who cannot afford to have larger machines. It is also decent enough for folks who would prefer washing particular apparels things separately. Your customers can use it occasionally for delicate undergarments, baby cloth diapers, and other fine fabrics.

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