Laundry Hydro Machine

Double Your Revenue By Selling Our Laundry Hydro Machine

Taizhou Haifeng Machinery Manufacturing Co., Limited is a brand that resonates with laundry hydro machine. We offer laundry machines of different types that our customers are reselling to their customers and multiplying their revenue.

Why Choose Our Laundry Hydro Machine

Durability in Design –

Our laundry hydro machines are of lightweight and top-quality plastic. The mini washer is corrosion-resistant, sturdy, and requires lower power consumption than metal models. This means it is environment-friendly and energy-saving.

Large Capacity –

Small as a unit but large capacity, our laundry machine can hold clothes up to 8 pounds. Your buyer can spin twice while our unit is offered with a cover plate present in the spin dryer to save the clothes being thrown away courtesy of high speed.

Double Operation –

To save precious time, our laundry hydro machine can wash plus spin-dry clothes; all at once. Also, you can transfer your clothes to the spin dryer once the washing tub is done. All in all, we offer a simple yet affordable way to wash clothes in batches and quick succession.

Time and Space Saving –

We offer preprogrammed settings in the washer that make household chores easy like pressing a button. Our laundry hydro machine controls a timer that runs for 15 minutes (maximum) at a time. Our machine is lightweight yet compact enough to store in small spaces.

Versatile Use –

Gift for cottages, small apartments, and college dorms. Why? Just four steps and your laundry chore is done:

  1. Drop clothes in the machine
  2. fill it with water
  3. set your timer
  4. start

Users can connect it to any faucet easily. Doesn’t matter it is in the bathroom or the kitchen sink, our drain hose is long enough to be set in in the tub or sink.

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