Ironing Board

Source the Best Industrial Ironing Board From Us

Need Industrial ironing board in bulk? Finding it hard to choose the best supplier of the same which can also provide it in bulk? If you are nodding, then congratulations! Your quest for procuring the iron boards has ended.

Taizhou Haifeng Machinery Manufacturing Co., Limited is a leading bulk Industrial ironing board supplier in China. Our quality and bulk production set us apart from our competitors.

Why Choose Us

Sturdy –

Manufactured in a way to last for long. Our ironing board is not like any other cheap ironing board that is completely compromised on quality. Our units are safe from wobbling as they are made with big-sized boards and heavy-duty wide legs.

All our ironing boards are designed to safely help the unit remain still without heavy movement while in use. We insert a protective plastic shield right on the legs to save users’ floors from scratches. Also, we use top-quality materials to keep the life of our ironing units for years to come!

Massive Iron Experience –

We use a thick-layered board cover. 100% cotton and extra-thick supported by foam. All these together work best for sustaining heat and ensure clothes do not stick! The top metal mesh allows steam to evaporate and pass through.

Washable Pad –

Hanging rack – Our Industrial ironing board comes with changeable and washable cover pads. You also get

  • steam iron rest shelf,
  • hanging rack for hanging finished ready clothes that will help your users while ironing their clothes

Adjustable Height –

Foldable – Our industrial ironing board is designed to get adjusted so that users can raise and lower the board as per different heights. You can fold it to almost flat for saving storage space. Also, the ironing board will remain locked until you open it and use it again.

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