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Taizhou Haifeng Machinery Manufacturing Co., Limited is quickly climbing the horizons among the top laundry machine manufacturers in China. Our dynamic leadership and experienced workforce are making headlines in the industry inside and outside China.
We offer the best industrial laundry equipment in the market. Its durability and compatibility make it the desirable equipment for small and medium-sized businesses.

What We Offer:

To remain ahead of our competitors, we offer the following line of products:
Washer extractor machine
Spot removing machine
Spin dryer machine
Steam press iron
Industrial ironing board
Laundry hydro machine
Dyeing machine
Drying tumbler machine

Why Choose Laundry Machine Manufacturers

• Our designs and sayings provide one of the best ways to make a solid statement in front of your customers. Our industrial laundry equipment is best for the laundry rooms in different factories.
• Each of our industrial laundry machines is easy to remove along with zero residues left behind. We give step-by-step easy instructions on how to use it effortlessly. Our non-toxic and self-adhesive stickers are lasting, waterproof, and sustainable for years without wrinkling, peeling, or fading.
• Our laundry machines are well-equipped with durable motors and provide stable power. Our equipment can save you as much as 84% more energy than our competitors. Also, our washing machines can save money for any household.
• As one of the fastest-growing laundry machine manufacturers, we offer the latest trends in modern laundry machining. Due to high quality, we are receiving orders from all corners of China and beyond.
So, what are you waiting for?

What Sets Us Apart


Our laundry machines and other products are of high quality. By offering this to your clients, you will give them the illusion of painted wall art. Designs of our industrial laundry equipment brighten up their room and the day.

We Try to Make Lives Better

We make sure and give our 100% to make end-users lives comfortable. How do we do that? Through enhanced user experiences, affordability, and responsive client support. We believe we can offer convenience and joy to your clients’ family life.

We are Innovative

As one of the tech-savvy Chinese laundry machine manufacturers, we believe technology is our savior. Therefore, we make sure we find and implement every method through which we can bring innovation to our products. Our industrial laundry machines are proof of contemporary innovations.

About Taizhou Haifeng

Taizhou Haifeng Machinery Manufacturing co, . Ltd, which is located in the economic development zone, produce washing machine, washer extractor, dyeing machine, tumbler dryer, drycleaning machine , ironer, spin dryer , hydro extractor , ironing table , steam press , packing machine , steam generator set , spot removing machine , laundry equipment and laundry machine. our factory covers 120 acres and has workshop of 18000 square meters. Our factory's products contain horizontal type industrial washing machine, spin dryer, tumble dryer, industrial ironing machine, dry cleaning machine, leather crinkle machine, ironing table, and steam presser, which are widely applied in textile factory, hotel, hospital, schools and colleges, restaurants, leather factory, professional washing factory and so on.

Our company is trying to offer good service and good product to our custom, that your advice about our machines will be highly appreciated Our products are proved by CE mark and ISO9001 certificate.

One of the Quality Chinese Washing Machine Companies

Taizhou Haifeng Machinery Manufacturing Co., Limited (Laundrymc) has been the source of inspiration for upcoming washing machine manufacturers. We are among the few companies who are supplying washing machines to different washing machine wholesalers and suppliers in China. We never feel shy to sell our machines to companies that are in the phase of startups.

Why Choose Washing Machine Companies

Latest Automation

We are among the Chinese washing machine companies that offer fully automated washing machines stocked with Normal, Rapid, Heavy, Soft, and Soak programs. Our washing machines allow your users to swiftly kick off the machine the way they like. Your clients are welcomed to personalize their washing schedule by choosing to add wash time, load size, spin time, and rinse time.


We offer the desirable transparent lid design, which allows users to watch and monitor the washing conditions. Our machines feature durable rust-resistant steel inner tubs and also
• water inlet,
• lint filter,
• drain pump
All the above will allow your buyers to drain out dirty water comfortably.


Unbalancing is a serious issue concerning washing machines. Lack of balance can lead a washing machine to "dance on the floor", or to unleash itself, resulting in leaking everywhere.
Therefore, as one of the reliable washing machine manufacturers, we offer machines that are equipped with automatic unbalance detection. However, our laundry washing machines can automatically fix unbalancing by allowing more water to kick in. These machines can also alert their users if the issue can't be fixed, assuring a pleasant and trouble-free experience.

Serving Diverse Industries

Our laundry and washing machines are widely used in different industries. This include
• hotel,
• hospital, • textile factory,
• schools and colleges,
• leather factory,
• restaurants,
• professional washing factory and so on.


We are operating among other washing machine manufacturers for over a decade. Our rich experience makes us unique and one of the top suppliers of washing machines in Jiangsu and all over China.
We have gone through several trial and error processes that make us one of the few flawless washing machine companies.

Industrial Services

Taizhou Haifeng Machinery Manufacturing factory covers 120 acres and has workshop of 18000 square meters.

Our Services

We are providing different services in this sector to wide area of world


We are proud to protect your organi- zation with our award-winning


Industrial Solutions

We are professional manufacturer and supplier for washing machine, industrial laundry



Our products have been sold to world wide, such as Philippines in the southern Asia, Iran in the Middle East, Bangladesh in the middle Asia, Namibia in the Africa, and Italy in the Europe, getting good remark and reputation Our products are of class one quality


Our factory has machinery engineer team and electronic engineer team that will help you to solve most problem.


Class A Laundry machine will help you to get more orders and save a lot of times for you.


As a manufacturer of different laundry Equipment for more than 20 Years, we are leading in the Line of laundry machines.


Our factory is with ISO9001 and also CE Certificate will be offered for Products.

Taizhou Haifeng Machinery Manufacturing Co, Ltd.

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